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the Infidel Castros: about

the Infidel Castros are from a small, semi- rural town in maryland. our music reflects some of that isolated small town living, but is probably more greatly influenced by our travel experiences, real and imagined. with such varying influences, the music we play ranges from old jazz standards to originals with international flair. we never know what we might do next, keeps it interesting...

band members on 'strange enchanted' are:


joe castro - guitar, banjo, percussion

ann castro - vocals, guitar, cello

daisy castro - violin, cello, 'viola lynn', harmony vocals

david "goody" goodrich - acoustic & electric guitar, piano

paul kochanski - bass

robert stanley - djembe


we are also often joined at live performances by our good friend dave dilworth on whatever instrument we put in his hands and ask him to play.